Two EP's Dropping Later This Year

After releasing Essence earlier this year, Kapha has been spending significant amounts of his time honing a pair of two new releases scheduled to drop later this year. Taking a brief hiatus from performing has allowed him time to refine his style and production, branching out into new territories of genres in his new body of work.

With the first of his two EP’s, titled Elemental, geared more towards live performance elements, this tribal dance inspired set of music has been compared to the likes of Emancipator and Bonobo. Drawing on the ever too familiar influences of Eastern culture, each track coincides with the three doshas of Ayurveda, joined by the unifying “essence” of all three in a four song presentation. While it is much more high energy than some of his previous work, Kapha’s upcoming release still stays true to his more laid back and chill roots of smooth cruising music and relaxed tropical vibes.

Although his second release is mostly underwraps at this point, Kapha has described it as a “departure” from his usual production styles, teetering more on the side of electro-dance. So far, it seems to fall somewhere in between Daft Punk and early Pretty Lights. That being said, it will most definitely feature a myriad of live performance elements as well, with indications and talks of heading towards a Kapha Live Ensemble as well in the near future.

Both pieces are slated for release this year, with the first projected sometime in the early Fall and the second before the end of the year.